Trailer: Season 7

Episode Summary

After a long pandemic's nap, Simplify is BACK with 9 episodes that range in topic from career pivots to bandwidth to dropping the ball, through to parenting and how to have a good death.

Episode Notes

To show you just how much we've missed you, season 7 of Simplify is extra large and extra excellent! This time, you'll hear from a dating psychologist on connecting at the deepest level, the ultimate productivity expert on working in seasons, and even a hospice physician on how to have a good death—and live life to the fullest in the meantime.

As always, this season features bestselling authors like Tiffany Dufu, Ken Page, Farai Chideya, and Kathryn Mannix, and as a bonus, Shortcast hosts Natalie Lue and Erik Fisher!

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