Sonya Renee Taylor: Love Yourself, Save the World

Episode Summary

Sonya Renee Taylor offers extraordinary perspective on how our assumptions about bodies—ours and others—can transform personal, systemic, and political structures.

Episode Notes

What would the world look like if we were free of body shame and instead living in a state of radical self-love? Radical Self-Love Champion and author of The Body Is Not An Apology, Sonya Renee Taylor, explains what her utopia would look like in this week’s episode of Simplify.

As Sonya explains, our language and mindset about our bodies impact us in ways that we are often entirely unaware of. Increasing our awareness of this factor enables us to better understand our own low moments, but also helps to explain major historical and societal harm.

Listen in to learn more about how something as small as what we picture when we hear the word "body" can lead to much bigger consequences, and what we can do to avoid repeatedly making these same mistakes.

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