Natalie Lue: Your Boss is Not Your Parent

Episode Summary

Learn how to stop saying yes when you want to say no, even to your boss.

Episode Notes

Do you sometimes find yourself replying to work emails late at night... from bed? Or maybe taking on another task that, almost as soon as you've agreed, you realize you don't actually have time for? 

Often, instead of behaving as if we’re exchanging our intellect, talent, and skills for money, we feel like whoever pays us owns us. And this is where trouble starts.

In today's episode Natalie Lue will help you understand why you might be struggling with boundaries at work, and what you can do to start changing these unhealthy patterns. 

This episode was recorded with a live audience in April 2021, and in the second part you will hear Natalie answer questions about dealing with anxiety, expectations and re-learning how to socialize in the workplace.

Natalie is a speaker, author and podcast host around all things emotional baggage, and you can find the Shortcast of her show The Baggage Reclaim Sessions in the Blinkist App.
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